I’m afraid, I’m only bound by my creative abilities from hailing the astonishment this novel evokes. A few chapters into the novel and you already get teleported to an alternate universe - so enchantingly illustrated!

This post is only meant for some anecdotes that I really liked.

Marungu Vandu

The below song was picturised as a joyous group of young women singing with pride the spate of Kaveri - over its beauty.

மருங்கு வண்டு சிறந்தாற்ப்ப,
மணிப்பூ ஆடை - அதுபோர்த்துக்
கருங்கயற்கண் விழித்து ஒல்கி
நடந்தாய் வாழி! காவேரி!

கருங்கயற்கண் விழித்து ஒல்கி
நடந்த எல்லாம் நின்கணவன்
திருந்து செங்கோல் வளையாமை
அறிந்தேன் வாழி காவேரி!

பூவர் சோலை மயிலாடப்
புரிந்து குயில்கள் இசைபாடக்
காமர் மாலை அருகசைய
நடந்தாய் வாழி காவேரி!

காமர் மாலை அருகசைய
நடந்தாய் வாழி காவேரி!
நாம வேலின் திறங்கண்டே
அறிந்தேன் வாழி காவேரி!


Now over to the part that piques our curiosity.

As the bees hum on all sides you don a cloth of colourful flowers and throwing around side glances from your eyes in the form of the black fish you move on. May you flourish, Kaveri!

Oh Kaveri! Wherever you flow throwing side glances in the form of fish I learnt that your master(the Chola king) exercised his sway with a sceptre which was not bent i.e. he ruled over his country in a just manner - Kaveri is described as a woman and the reason she has got her eyes open is to keep a check on her master.

As peacocks dance in the groves full of flowers and as the cuckoos sang in unison with them, you glided along Kaveri, with swaying garlands of flowers on your body.

Oh Kaveri, wherever you went along with swaying garlands I learnt about the efficacy of the spear of your master, the Chola King.


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