The following is my own response on the’ thread - Recommended readings for a recent CS graduate , saved here for reference purposes.

Things you can consider - (in no particular order)

  1. Start following the morning paper - small pieces of wisdom that you can accumulate everyday
  2. Some book recommendations that every programmer should read - previous lobsters thread. Do check out [email protected]’s response.
  3. You will surely find something interesting to pick at HackerNewsBooks book aggregator - alongside some fiction/non-fiction too. [NOTE - The site’s aggregation functionality has been down for a while] The site is back up now.
  4. Follow PapersWeLove

Some of my personal favourites here

  1. A Reading List for Computer Scientists
  2. What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory
  3. Brendan Gregg’s Book List
  4. Good books for Deep Hacks
  5. 11 Books All Software Engineers Must Read
  6. Books I recommend by Jessie Frazelle
  7. The Books That Every Programmer Should Read

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