Despite some bad experiences, 2016 has been a beautiful year - for having realized that books can be a great way to have fun, learn stuff, gain exposure and grow! Over the past 12 months, I might have bookmarked close to a 100 books, but never actually got the time to finish many. Most of them picked from the lists I found on social media. Here are few of those lists that piqued my interest - in a variety of subjects. I hope to complete a few this year and I guess you’ll be equally interested in doing that too!

  1. From startups to spaceships: Ten top books for geeks to read in 2017
  2. Holiday guide to science books about life, the universe and everything
  3. YC’s Winter Reading List.
  4. Neuroscientist Sam Harris Selects 12 Books Everyone Should Read
  5. Bill Gates’ Favorite Books of 2016
  6. Top 29 books mentioned in Hacker News comments
  7. The 30 Best Young Adult Books of All Time
  8. Mozilla’s Geek Book List
  9. 21 books Warren Buffett thinks you should read

Update - March 17, 2018

Over two years, I was able to take up very little in book reading. Not sure if I feel happy or sad at this moment. Nonetheless, I managed to collect more book lists. Some of them with some really great content.

  1. Lobsters’ thread on 2017’s best books. If you find it tedious to go over, a compilation of the same in my blog here.
  2. 100 best Nonfiction books of all time
  3. 30 Self-Help Books That Permanently Changed My Life
  4. Derek Siver’s book list - Really recommend going over this list if you haven’t already. Accompanied by book notes, books in his list will help your mind see a new spectrum of things.