Podcasts have invariably started to become a part of our daily diet for news and information. And filtering out on what to listen can become quite a task if the options you have become way too many, which is very typical today. Below are the list of few podcasts that help you get the most of what is out there.

Bad Voltage


Excellent choice if you are into open source. I’ve been following Bryan Lunduke since the days when he was a part of Linux Action Show. And it was only for him that I did follow this podcast initially. And trust me, its amazing!



Changelog is again for fanatics of Open Source. It brings people from a variety of popular OSS projects for interview on each of its episode. Don’t miss out on the weekly newsletter as well.

Linux Action Show

The BEST podcast that caters to people who belong to any stratum of technical know-how. PERIOD. Chris is a terrific person and the way he carries the energy will just suffice to keep you engrossed throughout. I do miss Matt now that he’s left. But, anyway this is one show I’ve been following closely ever since I’ve known a thing or two about podcasts. You may also want to check out some of the other podcasts with Jupiter Broadcasting and TWIT.

The show is off air.

Hacker Public Radio

Linux Action Show

Don’t go by the name, the content is primarily entry-level. Most of the time, it’ll talk about something in Linux, some best practices or an interview.



This podcast is totally geeky inside-out and may not arouse interest with new kids on the block. But, its seriously good and I’d suggest anybody watch it just to catch up with what is what.

Turing Incomplete

I’ve just started following this podcast. So far so good. But, I cannot comment on that, just yet.

The show is off air too.


Here’s a list of all the podcasts I listen to, on a regular basis.

And Turing InComplete has been an amazing podcast. Though not frequent, it has been very informative.

Software Engineering Daily

A daily audio podcast where people from a range of domains are interviewed. A1 stuff for all the curious minds.

New shows

  1. Signals and Threads
  2. On the Metal

(Referred from Linode’s Blog post - Our Favorite Content Channels for Developers)

  1. Corey Schafer
  2. sentdex
  3. CodeParade
  4. Fun Fun Function

More podcasts available in the blog post link above.